GROVF kicks off High Performance Computing course vol.2

We have great news for IT/engineering students Grovf is starting the High-Performance Computing course vol. 2. It was about a year ago when kicked off the first course with tens of students and eventually hired 2 junior engineers who had demonstrated the higher results as a result of an intensive learning program. In order to enrich the engineering expertise among young engineers, we decided to organize the second course and build foundations for the development of high-performance computing.


Currently, we are looking for highly motivated students with a technical background who will undergo a comprehensive course for free and then will be offered long-term positions upon completion. No prior work experience is needed.


Desired skills:

- Math
- Electronics
- Programming
- Algorithm theory (basics)
- C/C++ languages (basics)
- Linux OS (basics)
- Time commitment to complete home tasks
- English and Russian are always plus

Course syllabus:

- Basic concepts of pipeline, latency, unroll, and etc.
- CPU-FPGA pair
- Introduction to High-Level Synthesis
- Design Exploration with Directives
- Optimizing Structures for Performance
- Writing benchmarks
- Introduction to Xilinx Vivado
- Finalizing design with Xilinx Vivado


All interested candidates who are passionate about innovation and are eager to learn how to develop hardware and software bundles systems are welcome to send their CVs to, writing "High-performance computing course vol.2" in the subject line.


Deadline: June 30, 2021