Security Log Analytics

Nowadays, deploying efficient cybersecurity measures is trickier than ever since the number of devices exceeds the number of people, and attackers are getting more innovative.

Cybersecurity brings the dual challenge of low-latency detection and remediation of advanced threats, in parallel with batch analysis of servers log data, firewalls, applications and security systems.

Considering how fast new threats and attacks emerge, Big Data performance and new approaches to data analytics acceleration are becoming more vital.

Grovf offers hardware acceleration in the form of text processing FPGA cores and Open source software SDK, offering an effortless way to use powerful FPGA devices for vast amounts of security log analysis.

FPGA reconfigurable chip, powered with Grovf's Regex, Exact Search and Similarity Search functions, allows organizations to analyze hundreds of megabytes of data in real-time and detect security alerts maximizing their time-efficiency.