User Sentiment Analytics

The promise of artificial intelligence (AI) is to make work and life more productive. This end, AI faces such a complex limitation - understanding humans and more specifically human emotion. 
In the past few years, however, accelerated access to data (primarily social media feeds and digital video), cheaper compute power, and evolving computer vision and deep learning combined with natural language processing (NLP) are enabling technologists to watch and listen to humans with the intention of analyzing their sentiments and emotions.

By automatically analyzing users’ feedback, from survey responses to social media conversations, businesses become able to significantly improve user experience, tailor products and services to meet their needs and leverage new business opportunities.

The applications of sentiment analysis are broad and powerful, differing from voice of customer (VoC) to social media and brand monitoring, from customer service to market research. 
The growing complexity of such cross-sectional analysis and the unstructured format of generated customer data make this domain a subject of IT involvement. 
Grovf helps you leverage your data analytics capabilities and achieve real-time performance for customer-centric and insight-driven decision making.